Workshops at BreyerFest offer hands-on learning experiences for everyone! Whether you are a novice or veteran in the model horse hobby, we have a workshop for you, but sign up early because these dream classes fill up fast! Reservations are first-come, first-served. Classes are limited, so don’t delay!
Workshop: Color Matching for Restoration, with Nan Wagner
Workshop: English Bridle, with LeeAnn Masters
Workshop: How to Judge a Model Horse Show, with Lori Daniels
Workshop: How to Show Model Horses, with Liz Cory
Workshop: Pinto & Appys, with Karen Zorn
Workshop: Repairing Horses, with Jennifer Danza
Workshop: Canvas Tote Creations, with Jane Tilton
Workshop: English Saddle, with Laura Lott
Workshop: Etching, with Val Starcher
Workshop: How To Photo Show, with Liz Cory
Workshop: Just for Kids! Painting, with Jennifer Danza
Workshop: What A Model Horse Show Judge... Judges, with Lori Daniels
Workshop: Painting Your Horse, with Darian Buckles & Bonnie Robb
Workshop: Dream Horse Kit, with Kristin Albert
Workshop: Introduction to Customizing, with Mindy Young
Workshop: No-Sew Pony Pouches, with Jane Tilton
Workshop: Pinots & Pintos Painting, with Laura Thomson
Workshop: Repairing Porcelain Models, with Lisa Esping
Workshop: Arabian Halter, with Tiffany Purdy
Workshop: Creating a Caparison, with Didi Hornberger
Workshop: Draft Horse Halter, with Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Workshop: Pastels, with Laura Thomson
Workshop: Stall Decoration, with Sommer Prosser and Lauren Hoeffer
Workshop: Advanced Sculpting, with Morgen Kilbourn
Workshop: Breastcollars, with Dani Youdris
Workshop: Dapple & Duns: Starbursts, Stripes and Pizzazz, with Darian Buckles & Bonnie Robb
Workshop: Minis on Parade!, with Kim and Kathi Haymond
Workshop: Painting a Micro Mini, with Christina Riley
Workshop: Suncatcher Stablemates, with Sommer Prosser
Workshop: Carousel Horses, with Laura Rock-Smith
Workshop: Christmas Ornaments, with Tina Dils
Workshop: Etching Decorators, with Lauren Hoeffer
Workshop: How to Host a Model Horse Show, with Jamie Rott
Workshop: How To Host A Model Horse Show with Jamie Rott
Workshop: Sculpting, with Maggie Bennett
Workshop: Suncatcher Stablemates – Unicorns! with Sommer Prosser
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