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SMD Customs was founded by Scott Driscoll and Amber Olive. Scott is a CNC Machinest by trade and I am a long time Breyer collector. Like many collectors, my favorite molds are some of the horses that have stands like Huckleberry Bey and Totilas. But, like alot of collectors, I also detested those same molds because the plastic peg would always break off in their foot. One day I was talking to Scott about this and said, I think you could make these stands! He got the details and we haven't looked back since. We offer a big variety of stands. All of our huck, salerino and totilas stands are made from 304 stainless steel and our Bristol stands are made from 6061 Aluminum. We also have many powder coating color options! We can make stands for the show jumper, gaming stock horse (Jesse), goffert, and ruffian out of wood or aluminum too. Custom stands are available for resins and custom model horses as well. Anything is possible! Visit our website or contact us on our Facebook page: smd customs.
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