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Laura Rock-Smith
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Laura Rock-Smith has been in the model horse hobby since 1973 and started customizing shortly after that.  Best know now for her realistic tribute Carousel Figures, such as her two resins Sir Hopsalot a Dentzel Rabbit and Ziggy Stardust, an Illions Flame mane jumper, both of which are available for sale.  Currently she is expanding into medallions and smaller scale carousel figures to spread the carousel love.  Her approach to carousel figures is to respect the great masters of the golden age of carousels while updating the anatomy of the horses.  But one of her first loves was photo and live showing and drastic customs with an emphasis on performance models. She took many a live show and photo show Grand Champion rosettes and year end trophy with her work.  Not one to rest on her laurels, she has been striving to bring it up a notch with her "realistic" horses and to that end is getting her first "realistic" equine ready for casting, Dibs, a 1/9th standing mini mule.  Besides her two current resins, she will have several customs, both carousel and realistic for sale Breyerfest weekend.
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