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Morgen Kilbourn
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You may know Morgen for her artist resins or as the sculptor of Bristol, True North, Bobbie Jo or Wyatt, but did you know she also sculpts in everything from bronze to pottery? Morgen’s education and career path was initially biology, focusing on veterinary science and then later working for 10 years in biotechnology, prior to sculpting full time. She took a handful of formal art classes in college, but during this time freelanced magazine illustration and graphic design. She now lives in North Carolina where she hopes to start holding workshops again in 2021. Online these days she's doing anatomy live streams using real horses to help artists understand trickier points of their movement.

From the earliest possible age Morgen found ways to work off riding lessons and then by working after school and saving up was able to buy and care for her first horse entirely by herself at age 15. Seeking out any way to be around this obsession, she retrained horses for their owners and even gave trail rides one summer. This determination allowed her to have a wide range of experiences from going on call as an mobile Equine vet's assistant or as a working student and groom at various barns for eventing and internationally competitive dressage riders. In her 30's she operated a small boarding stable for a few years to help provide for her own thoroughbred that she’d bred, raised and trained. Most recently Morgen has turned to horse archery which fits with her desire for self-set goals and challenges but also a gives structure to a more liberty based approach to horse training. Today on her farm in NC her helpful small herd lives on her property and adds to her daily inspirations and helps with teaching.
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