Animal Artistry

Donna Chaney
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I started with mainly dogs in 1984 and proceeded to concentrate more exclusively on horses and ponies, which are my first love.
As a small child I used to draw and sculpt horses, endowing them with life and character to fulfil my dream of a real horse. Alas, I had to wait until I was 27 years old before that dream would come true. I have attended Art College for 2 years, where I enjoyed Life Drawing and History of Art, but my equine sculpting is largely self-taught by much trial and even more error.
ln 2007 l started to learn the dark art of working with Ceramics, specialising in Fine Bone China. As l have gained confidence in this medium, Animal Artistry can now offer to manufacture sculptures for other artists, which is an exciting diversification for the business.
ln 2015 l followed another childhood dream and started to make Horses and Ponies in latex rubber, resulting in the birth of "RubberNedz". Most of the horses l produce are taken from the existing Animal Artistry range, but now have soft cuddly bodies and mohair manes and tails........appealing to our inner child!
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