Best of BreyerFest - Series 1

Qty: 1500 • $60

Series 1 of our new Best of BreyerFest Stablemates sets features some of your favorite raffle prizes from previous BreyerFests - in miniature! This set will be available to all BreyerFest ticket holders for purchase in the Fling! Souvenir Shop.

Included in this year's set are:

• “Kochab”, a glossy dapple grey mini of North Star, the 2019 Saturday Raffle Model. Kochab is the second brightest star in the Little Dipper, second to Polaris – commonly known as the North Star.

• “Gale”, a blanket appaloosa mini of Windswept, the 2006 Saturday Raffle Model

• “Durham”, a tobiano pinto mini of Carlisle, the 2012 Saturday Raffle Model. Just like Carlisle, Durham is also a “cathedral city” in the north of England and boasts a massive cathedral and castle that date from William the Conqueror.

• “Victoire”, a tobiano pinto mini of Que Sera Sera, the 2015 Saturday Raffle Model

• “Viaje”, a frame overo mini of Viajero, the 2008 Saturday Raffle Model

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