Silent Auction

Lot 1 - Vintage Refrigerator Model

Donated by Breyer

Lot 2 - "The Golden Touch" 5-piece European-style Tack Set with one-of-a-kind model

Donated by Didi Hornberger and Breyer

Lot 3 - Full set of Dark Horse Surprise Models

Donated by Breyer

Lot 4 - Dark Horse Surprise Test Decorator

Donated by Breyer

Lot 5 - Mare and Foal Framed Prints

Donated by Suzie Oldham/TAA

Lot 6 - Design your own Breyer Model

Donated by Breyer

Lot 7 - BreyerFest Marketplace Gift Basket With Secretariat Pendant

Donated by Jane Heart Jewelry, Ride & Shine, Kelsey Lauberth, and Patricia Gerschler

Lot 8 - LV Integrity Gift Basket

Donated by Joyce Sousa

Lot 9 - 2018 Off to the Races Vendor Pack

Donated by Breyer

Lot 10 - Empres++++// Gift Basket

Donated Prue Critchley

Lot 11 - BreyerFest Marketplace Gift Basket With Tour of Taylor Made Farms

Donated by Hoofitz, Taylor Made Farms, and Lilla Rose Accessories

Lot 12 - BreyerFest Marketplace Gift Basket With Custom Medallion and original art coloring books

Donated by Old Friends, Christina Riley, Creature Comforts by Erica, and Jane Tilton

Lot 13 - Motor Sports-inspired Etched Models

Donated by Johannah Harris-Spencer and Breyer

Lot 14 - Vintage Born to Trot with Custom Sulky

Donated by Bill Duncan and Breyer

Lot 15 - Models of Zenyatta and Her First Colt

Donated by Breyer

Lot 16 - Custom-Etched Shire Model

Donated by Valentine Starcher

Lot 17 - All Out & In The Running - Best Customs prize model set

Donated by Breyer

Lot 18 - Brass Hat Gift Basket with Glossy Brass Hat Model

Donated by William Bradley & Breyer

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