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Kentucky Horse Park
Alltech Arena
7am - 5pm: BreyerFest Open Model Horse Show
6:30pm: BreyerFest Celebration of Horses
Annex Ring
9:30am - 1pm: Ride-a-Reiner
10:30am - 11am: Charmayne James Barrel Racing Clinic
1pm - 2pm: Retired Racehorse Project Demo
2pm - 4pm: Ride-a-Reiner
2pm - 2:30pm: Trick Riding Demo
Celebration Park
9:30am - 5pm: BreyerFest Garland Gift Shop
9:30am - 5pm: Petting Zoo
9:30am - 5pm: Pony Rides
10am and 2pm: Kids Horseless Horse Show
Covered Arena
9:30am - 5pm: BreyerFest Equine Extravaganza Arena Show
9:30am: Opening Ceremony
9:45am: Equine Showcase: Young Guns Adult Quad
9:55am: Equine Showcase: *Empres PASB
10:10am: Equine Showcase: Firelight Arabians
10:25am: Equine Showcase: Spin Doctor
10:35am: Equine Showcase: Brass Hat - Celebration Horse
10:40am: Equine Showcase: Old Ironsides
10:55am: Equine Showcase: King & the Trixie Chicks
11:05am: Equine Showcase: Foiled Again
11:15am: Equine Showcase: Ohio Standardbreds & Friends
11:25am: Equine Showcase: Lil’ Ricky Rocker & his Appaloosa Friends
11:35am: Equine Showcase: LV Integrity
11:50am: Equine Showcase: Rockin’ R Farm Rhythm Riders Mountain Horse Drill Team
12pm: Equine Showcase: KHP Large Carriages
12:10pm: Equine Showcase: MGAA Mounted Games
12:55pm: Equine Showcase: Super Dogs Demonstration
1:25pm: Equine Showcase: Charmayne James - Barrel Racing
1:35pm: Equine Showcase: Ride-A-Reiner
1:45pm: Equine Showcase: American Sidesaddle Association
1:55pm: Equine Showcase: Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club
2:15pm: Equine Showcase: US Racing Ponies - Steeplechase
2:35pm: Equine Showcase: Fell Ponies
2:40pm: Equine Showcase: Tennessee Walkers
2:55pm: Equine Showcase: Morgan Horse Association
3:10pm: Equine Showcase: Pintos by POOKY
3:30pm: Equine Showcase: Young Guns 4H Drill Team
3:40pm: Equine Showcase: Mountain Horse Versatility
3:55pm: Equine Showcase: Harley & Sugarbush Drafts
4:05pm: Equine Showcase: EZ to Spot
4:15pm: Equine Showcase: Icabad Crane
4:25pm: Equine Showcase: American Saddlebreds & Hackney Pony
4:40pm: Equine Showcase: Gypsy Registry
4:50pm: Equine Showcase: Sylvia Zerbini
Covered Arena - Breyer Booth
9:30am - 5pm: Benefit Raffle Ticket Sales
9:30am - 5pm: Silent Auction Bidding
Covered Arena - Concourse
9:30am - 5pm: Breyer Store
9:30am - 5pm: BreyerFest Marketplace
Craft & Activity Tent
9:30am - 5pm: FREE Face Painting, Magic Shows, Jugglers, and more!
9:30am - 5pm: FREE Stablemates® Painting
3pm - 5pm: Workshop: Conformation with Candace Liddy
Food Trucks
9:30am - 5pm: Food!
Hall of Champions
5pm - 6:30pm: Breyer Benefit Live Auction
Museum of the Horse: Room A
10am - 12pm: Workshop: How To Show Model Horses with Liz Cory
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Workshop: Repairing Horses with Jennifer Danza
3pm - 5pm: Workshop: Just For Kids! Painting with Jennifer Danza
Museum of the Horse: Room B
10am - 12pm: Workshop: Pinto and Appaloosas Painting 101 with Karen Zorn
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Workshop: Canvas Creations with Jane Tilton
3pm - 5pm: Workshop: No-Sew Pony Pouches with Jane Tilton
Museum of the Horse: Room C
10am - 12pm: Workshop: Beginning Pattern Design with Lesli Kathman
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Workshop: Etching with Val Starcher
3pm - 5pm: Workshop: Cartooning Horses with Laurie Jo Jensen
Museum of the Horse: Room D
10am - 12pm: Workshop: Racing Bridles with LeeAnn Masters
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Workshop: Leather Stamping with LeeAnn Masters
Museum of the Horse: Room E
10am - 12pm: Workshop: Dream Horse Kit with Kristin Albert
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Workshop: Drawing Horses with Candace Liddy
Museum of the Horse: Room F
10am - 12pm: Workshop: Color Matching For Restoration with Nan Wagner
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Workshop: Christmas Ornaments with Tina Dils
3pm - 5pm: Workshop: Oh, Bay-be! Pastelling with Mindy Berg
Outside the Covered Arena
9:30am - 5pm: BreyerFest Garland Gift Shop
9:30am - 5pm: Hands-On Hobby Booth
10am: Meet EZ to Spot
10:45am: Meet Harley
11:30am: Meet Icabad Crane
12:15pm: Meet King
1pm: Meet Lil’ Ricky Rocker
1:45pm: Meet Foiled Again
2:30pm: Meet Brass Hat
2:30pm: Meet Old Ironsides
3:15pm: Meet Charmayne James
3:15pm: Meet Empres++++//
4pm: Meet LV Integrity+/
Visitor Information Center
9:30am - 3:30pm: Live Auction Items Display
9:30am - 5pm: Photo Finish Model Horse Diorama Contest
Visitor Information Center Theater
10am - 11am: Seminar: Repairing Models with Jenn Danza
11am - 12pm: Seminar: Intro to Model Horse Showing with Kim Bjorgo-Thorne
12pm - 1pm: Seminar: Exploring and Using Color with Mindy Berg
1pm - 2pm: Seminar: Rachel Alexandra with Deb Aronson
2pm - 3pm: Seminar: The Foundation of Racing: Arabian Horses with Marion Altieri
Clarion Inn
7:30pm - 11pm: Artisans’ Gallery
7:30pm - 11pm: Best Customs Contest
7:30pm - 11pm: Swap Meet

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