Jeff Wilson

Making his BreyerFest debut! Jeff Wilson and his Morgan stallions have entertained crowds in large equestrian venues and dinner shows all over the country, including the prestigious 2010 World Equestrian Games. Performing with two Morgan stallions, Black Willow Orion and Del-View Catskill Valiant, Jeff dramatically captures the attention of crowds and shows the breed's athleticism, versatility, strength, beauty, and exceptional intelligence.

Teaming up with Master Falconer, Lorrie Shumaker, creator of Talons! A Bird of Prey Experience, the two have put together a completely original entertainment piece. The show features the ability for horses and raptors to perform together in a unique, innovative and inspiring bird of prey and equestrian educational experience.

Visit with Lorrie and the birds in the Outdoor Arena! See the falcons, owls and hawks up close!

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