Breakables Live Open Show Children & Youth Show
Spectator's Guide:

BreyerFest hosts world's the largest model horse show for kids! Adults can get in on the action too with an equally large Open show! A model horse show is much like a live horse show except that models are shown! Models can be show in two divisions: halter and performance. Find out more about model horse showing on the Breyer Web Site. Spectators are welcome to visit our model horse shows but visitors must follow traditional show etiquette while in the show hall.

Shower's Guide:

Registration is required for all Model Horse Shows. Registration for the Open and Children and Youth Show is open to Three-Day ticket holders only; separate show entry fees are also required.

Breakables Live!
VAR_THURS 1:00pm
Clarion Inn Ballroom

Kick off BreyerFest with Breakables Live! This special show, hosted by Breyer at the Clarion Inn, is for horses and other equids made using clay, bone china, porcelain, and resin (for large production OF finish runs only).

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BreyerFest Open Show
VAR_FRI 7am - 5pm
Alltech Arena Expo Room

Open to three-day ticket holders only. Only Breyer model horses may be shown at this show!

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BreyerFest Children and Youth Show
VAR_SAT 7am - 3pm
Alltech Arena Expo Room

Children Show (Ages 12 and under) - Children's Three-Day ticket is required.
Youth Show (Ages 13-16) - Adult Three-Day ticket is required.

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