Silent Auction

Lot 1 - Celebration Horse Gift Basket

Donated by Siren Song Farm

Lot 2 - Winter's Tale and Novelisto Prize Pack

Donated by Waller Farms

Lot 3 - Talladega Test Run

Donated by Breyer

Lot 4 - Full Set of CC Shuffle

Donated by Breyer

Lot 5 - Zuni

Donated by Breyer

Lot 6 - Custom Silver Grullo Desatado

Donated by Gretchen Oneall

Lot 7 - Parade Saddle Tack Set

Donated by Grace Newhouse

Lot 8 - Signed Dr. Peaches

Donated by Breyer and Bruce Davidson

Lot 9 - Khemosabi Decorator Set

Donated by Breyer

Lot 10 - 2014 BreyerFest Silver Jubilee Vendor Pack

Donated by Breyer

Lot 11 - Design Your Own Breyer

Donated by Breyer

Lot 12 - Gentle Carousel Gift Basket

Donated by Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

Lot 13 - Behind the Mask photo and signed copy of Inferno

Donated by Behind the Mask and Runnymede Farm

Lot 14 - Custom Roemer

Painted by Tom Bainbridge

Lot 15 - SBH Phoenix Memorial Donation

Donated by Wismer Clydesdales

Lot 16 - Ultimate Hershey Fan Gift Basket

Donated by GVF Sjokolade and Green Valley Farm

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