Magic and Hamlet

Friday 11:05am
Saturday 3:35pm
Sunday 3:05pm
Meet & Greet:
Fri 1:30pm
Sat 9:30am
Sun 11:30am

It's no surprise that there is something special, you might even say magical, about the way horses can touch our lives. The miniature horse team from Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy horses knows all about it! These specially-trained therapy horses and a team of caring human volunteers visit children and adults in settings such as hospitals, hospices, and schools. Magic and Hamlet are two of these miniature horses with very special jobs!

Magic was named the "Most Heroic Pet in America" by AARP the Magazine in 2010 for her amazing work, and in 2011, TIME Magazine named Magic one of history's "Ten Most Heroic Animals!" In her visits, Magic brings laughter, smiles, and joy to all who meet her. This 6-year-old mare dresses up in costume to attend tea parties, offers a soft nuzzle to those needing comfort, and companionship to children as they read to her.

Hamlet, born in 2012, is in training to become an all-star therapy horse, just like his friend Magic! As part of his training, he's learning to ride in elevators, go up and down stairs, and navigate around medical equipment. While he still has more training ahead, he's already mastered the most important skill of a therapy horse: putting smiles on the faces of everyone he visits!

Magic and Hamlet, as well as all of the team at Gentle Carousel, have touched many lives with their kindness and spirit, and we hope they will touch yours too! Breyer is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these models to Gentle Carousel, so they can continue to spread smiles wherever they go! Visit for more information!

#1711 Magic And Hamlet
These portrait models of Magic and Hamlet can be purchased at the Breyer Store at BreyerFest, online at, or from your favorite Breyer retailer.

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