GVF Sjokolade

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One of the oldest breeds in existence today, Norwegian Fjords have been traced back over 2,000 years to Viking burial sites. Used by the Vikings as war horses, these strong and versatile steeds were also used for agriculture and transportation. Today's Fjords have retained their primitive coloring and markings. All Fjords are a shade of dun, with brown being the most common, sport zebra markings on their legs and have a dorsal stripe that runs from their forelock all the way to their tail! A unique feature of this breed is their mane, which when cut short and trimmed in a crescent shape, stands erect and exhibits a dark stripe in middle surrounded by white outer hair.

One of the top five highest Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR) evaluated stallions in the United States is GVF Sjokolade, and he is taking the show ring by storm. Known as "Hershey" to his friends, he was awarded the S1 and G4 Medallions of Quality and had scores of above 80 in his conformation evaluation and performance tests at his breed inspection, which means he's a fine specimen of the Fjord breed! On top of over 10 Grand Champion titles, he also earned the NFHR Award of Excellence in 2011 for his outstanding achievements in the show ring. Demonstrating the incredible versatility of his breed, Hershey has competed in dressage, pleasure driving, jumping, Western, draft, and conformation classes!

#1710 GVF Sjokolade
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